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Where Mosquitoes Go During the Daytime. As such, most mosquitoes rest or sleep in a dark, sheltered place during the daylight hours, preferably an area that is relatively humid, such as tucked inside vegetation like plants and grass. They also can be found sleeping the day away inside man made structures like culverts or barns,

Where Do Mosquitoes Hide In Your Room? Any source of dampness in your room can provide mosquitoes with an optimal place to hide. This might include a sink drain pipe, especially if the sink is not

Where do mosquitoes hide? I saw a mosquito near my room so i tried to kill it and then it went inside my room. i followed it and 2 seconds later it dissapears. i looked everywhere and wondered what the **** happened 2 it.

Just like ticks, mosquitoes like to hide in the dark humidity of wood piles, leave piles, and grass piles. If you want to avoid an onslaught, get rid of the pile as soon as you create it. If you want to avoid an onslaught, get rid of the pile as soon as you create it.

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It should land on the wall near the light source, where you can find it with your flashlight and kill it. If you cannot find the mosquito using a flashlight, disrupt its hiding areas. Use a cloth to scare it out from under the bed, from in the drawers, from the ceiling, or on the walls. Once you identify it, smash it.