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Small Studio Apartment Interior Design in Hong Kong Founterior

Studio Apartment - Recently, studio apartment has been reaching its fame significantly. It can be seen from the increasing demand of studio apartment in many big cities all over the world. Are you also interested in living-studio style? Particularly, this living space becomes a foremost choice among young professionals including entrepreneurs and artists.

There are many examples of beautifully organised studio apartments with multifunctional sliding and hiding storage options and split levels. This is an example of a simple, elegant and smart studio flat, which has everything for a comfortable, affordable yet stylish way of living. Some tips for studio flat design include:

Above: Sandra's Toronto studio feels surprisingly spacious for an apartment that's only 204 square feet. A trunk next to the bed creates a bit of separation between living and sleeping areas, as well as providing extra storage. And instead of a couch, Sandra has opted for a single comfy chair — just right for an apartment for one.

Traditional sensibilities meet modern design influences in this fantastic studio apartment by Roșca Vadim. A large wood-clad dividing unit occupies the center of the home, providing extra storage and decorative shelving, along with a bench row that could serve as seating or a sideboard table depending on needs.

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