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Tips for Removing Carpet from Stairs Find a good place to start removing carpet from stairs. Each piece of carpet was also wrapped around the edges of the stairs and around the balusters, Cut the carpet where necessary to remove large strips of carpet at once. Where the carpet had walls on

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Removing carpeting from a staircase is often a function of finding whatever tools work best for you, based on how the carpeting was installed. The carpeting may have been stapled directly to the

How to Remove Carpet From Wood Stairs Step 1 - Get Started. The hardest part about removing carpet from stairs is starting. Step 2 - Wonder bar. A wonder bar is a flat crow bar with an L-shaped end. Step 3 - Cut Where You Can. When enough carpet is freed, cut it with the utility knife. Step 4 -

your stairs project has given me the courage to pull off the carpet under my dining table. yuck. i can't believe someone actually put wall-to-wall carpet in the room where someone would eat! i swear we could boil the carpet and feed our family in a famine. gross.

Pull back the carpet from one upper corner of the top riser far enough to slip a flat pry bar behind the carpet. Pull the carpet away from the riser by prying with the pry bar. Continue pulling