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17 Brilliant Outdoor Living Room Design Ideas - Style Motivation

Get inspired with living roomideas and photos for your home refresh or remodel. Wayfair offers thousands of design ideas for every room in every style.

Our furniture ideas include oversized sectionals, cozy hammocks, and relaxed wicker. Don't be afraid to put a lot of cushions outside. You can find outdoor-friendly cushions at any home improvement store or furniture store. Think of how you would like to use your outdoor living space before you design it.

Outdoor Living Room Design There can be nothing better than being able to lounge in the midst of nature on a luxurious sofa. You have the best of both worlds; you are one with the elements, yet have all the comforts of home on call. Elaborate outdoor living spaces are generally restricted to country houses.

Outdoor living rooms are an area of your home that can truly be tailored to individual tastes. Some are simple and cozy while others are extravagant undertakings that feature plenty of high-end amenities. In fact, there are so many choices available that it can be difficult to determine where to start.

Exterior Decorating & Outdoor Living Design Adding an outdoor room to your home will not only extend the living space of your home, it can increase the value. Just like any room in your home, good design, comfort, and function are essential when planning your outdoor space.

Add Accents With Style. Once your furniture is in place, it's time to add decorative accents, just like you would with an indoor living room. "Mood lighting and layered accessories can elevate any outdoor sitting area," Jaime says.