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Custom built buffet table to fit over our Dog crates. #DestinyDesigns Polly Products

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The Proselect Empire Dog Cage is a durable and solidly made crate that comes in two sizes. This is a stainless steel dog crate with a side door making it very secure indeed. The stainless steel is finished that protects the steel bars from rust.

Decorative dog crates add some style to your home while also providing you pet with the perfect spot for a quick nap. Wooden dog crates, like crate end tables or nightstands, turn the ordinary into an elegant piece of interior decor. Enjoy the functionality of a crate without sacrificing aesthetic appeal.

For a Miniature Goldendoodle, we recommend getting a 36 inch dog crate. On the other hand, we recommend a 42 inch crate for standard and large Goldendoodles. If you want to give your large Goldendoodle a bit more space, a 48 inch dog crate will be okay. As long as you have enough space, it would be fine to give them a little more space.

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One day, Pickles was brought into daycare in his own portable dog crate. His is nicer because it has a built in bed and dog bowl receptacle which is pretty sweet. Anyways, he comes in this fateful day with a big idea he wanted to run by us. He said there was a store nearby with the biggest bone he had ever seen, at least 10 feet long.