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Automatic Safety Pool Covers: Electric and Hydraulic Infinity Automatic Safety Pool Cover System. The company's Infinity 4000™ automatic pool cover is a state-of-the-art, high-tech automatic pool cover system. The Infinity features bi-directional, anti-reversing auto-stops, a remote-located

In the video, you can hear the motor turning and a clicking sound, but the cover does not move until several attempts. At the time this occurred, the pool cover (Infinity 4000) was only 11 months old.

Now that we've covered WHY you need an automatic swimming pool cover, you need to learn about the best automatic swimming pool cover made today…The Infinity 4000™. Call now for more information or a quote 800-369-5152, Find A Pool Cover Specialists® Dealer near you, or request a Pool Cover Specialists® brochure.

Infinity 4000™ Automatic Swimming Pool Cover System; Automatic Swimming Pool Cover; With a Pool Cover Specialists® pool cover, we've tested our cover systems and fabric to be able to withstand thousands of pounds of direct pressure on the cover. What this means to you is…if anyone, a

Our Replacement Covers. Our Copy Cat Program now makes Duplicate Automatic Pool Covers similar to our highly successful repair program and Regular Copy Cat Program.Replacement covers are available in 5 colors (same as our solid vinyl material) and come with an 5 year warranty, first year full warranty and remaining years prorated.

AN INFINITY 4000™ Dear Pool Cover Owner: Each year Pool Cover Specialists National, Inc. spends time and money to communicate these and other precautions to the public; however, we know that your recommendations to your neighbors, friends, and family members serve as the most effective method to accomplish the spread of this