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Build a Zip Line for Your Backyard Make:

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Making a zip line is easy, but safety requirements take time to think about. Steps. Select a distance between two solid objects, Preferably the objects should be trees or other solid structures. The distance should be anywhere from 50 feet (15.2 m) to 500 feet (152.4 m). Lay the cable out between the two points.

insert bolts through block and washers. tighten nuts with a wrench. attach bungee to brake block with quick link. tighten quick link with wrench. screw the eye lag screw into a tree or post at least 10 ft. off to the side of the zip line. wrap back-up cable sling around brake anchor. use quick link to connect eye lag screw, cable sling loops and bungee.

Professional zip line builders are not interested in backyard zip lines, and if they were, you are looking at very expensive services, typically in the thousands or tens of thousands for a big one. So if you are inclined to build a zip line at home for yourself, the information and resources here will point you in the right direction. Zip-line

This is a video of a zip line I setup for my kids in the backyard with a train assembly instructions.

Zip line kits are an excellent way to build a zip line in restricted space and/or for young children. There are several varieties of the backyard zip line which typically operate with lower speeds at only a few feet off the ground.