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Key Interiors by Shinay: English Country Living Room Design Ideas

English Country has always been my favorite decorating style. Having been spent my first 9 years in the English countryside might have something to do with my decorating tastes. I do like the cozy look of floral fabrics, nicely finished wood furniture and tea cozies.

Braiding, tassels, intricate embroidery and beads can be included into English country style decor ideas. Arts and crafts, quilts, tapestries and handmade decor accessories are a terrific way to enhance English country style decor and enhance the natural beauty that surrounds English cottages and countryside homes.

English Country Cottage Decorating Ideas. A predecssor of the Shabby Chic style with more of a faded look of grandeur than of royal formality. Cozy is king, or queen…with mushy furniture that you sink into and nothing stiff or pretentious. Let's go for the for the breezy, the casual chic style of English country…and here are a few thoughts on what to include.

Years later, after my decorating book obsession took hold, I begin to realize that my family room, according to those books, had a bit of an "English Country" feel to it. After thinking about it some, I realized I really do like the English Country look. Over the years, this room has gradually taken on a bit of a hunting lodge/woodland theme.

As mentioned yesterday regarding English country design, French country also involves most of the same elements as mixing old with the new, light woods mixed with dark woods, natural materials for floors, wall and timbered ceilingsand surrounding oneself with the collections one loveswhether it's books, ceramics, animal themed pieces, pillows.it all adds up to comfy, snug rooms that are warm and welcoming.

Decorating an English cottage is a lot like planning a dinner party. You're inviting people (and pieces) from all sorts of backgrounds into a single spot, and the goal is merry mingling and fantastic story-telling.