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Her decor was so pretty it inspired me to share some ideas with you on how to decorate a fireplace. Tip #1: Think Beyond the Mantel. Many people spend a lot of time perfecting their mantel decor but then neglect to do anything with the hearth area, it's a shame!

Fireplace hearths are wonderfully adaptive elements in a room. They are often focal points for a space, providing color, texture, or pattern that helps to cement a design aesthetic. They're practical, too, helping to supply a buffer to the heat-generating fireplace.

Welcome to our gallery featuring a series of comfortable, cozy and stylish living rooms with oh-so-cozy fireplaces and a guide to how much they cost. Historically, fireplaces were used to heat the home. These days, however, the fireplace is all about ambiance. Fireplaces can be made to match any style of home, from traditional to rustic to modern.

Fireplace Decor: Hearth Design Tips Top designers mix up the mantel, creating graphic, asymmetrical or three-dimensional arrangements easy to replicate in your own home. Here are five ways to make your mantel marvelous, and heat up the decor of any room.

Although many fireplace screens are more functional than ornamental, there are some classic and over-the-top options. Vintage brass peacock tails fan out to decorate the fireplace and shield the

If you prefer a traditional look, candles would be nice choice. It's sort of a clichee already but so is the traditional d├ęcor. Some candles, usually two, in silver or crystal candlesticks would look beautiful on the fireplace mantel. Place them on the ends of the mantle, maybe with a photo between them.