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Blue can be a fantastic interior design color - even for master bedrooms. Seriously, check out this collection of blue master bedroom designs to see just how fabulous blue can be in the bedroom.

In interior design, however, there some basics you need to know when using a color wheel. Complementary colors: These are colors or hues that are directly opposite each other on the color wheel, like blue and orange or yellow and violet. Complementary colors are usually used as accent colors in small quantities.

Ultra Violet (#5F4B8BFF) and Blooming Dahlia Black and white often features in interior design when the desired impact is to be modern and crisp. Inject primary or neon colors to black and white for a funky finish. Dark blue brings sophistication and intelligence, while light blue is a

Violet Interior Design. 341 likes. VIDI is a multi-faceted interior design company in which creative and technical solutions are applied to achieve a

Making a dark home design feel comfortable and accessible requires careful attention to lighting, composition, and contrast - without these considerations even the most well-intentioned black walls or grey floors could quickly become overbearing. The six luxury homes profiled in this post demonstrate dark interior design done right.

Violet is one of the most mysterious and sexy shadow, as you can imagine. It is made of blue and red. Both colors are very strong and expressive. They strongly influence mood and well-being of the population. In this article, we present some ideas of interior design with violet color you might inspire! If you look at the sky, then purple is the